Pan-Pot. Labyrinth Club On Tour at Music Dome.

03/05/2019 | 22:00
TICKET SALE starts THURSDAY 11.04 at 18h30 sharp!

Labyrinth Club and Music Dome are teaming up to curate the highly anticipated second edition of Labyrinth Club on Tour at Music Dome.

Pan-Pot (DE – Second State)
Bart Skils (NL – Drumcode)
Benny Rodrigues (NL – RODlabel)
Marlon Benjamins (NL – Second Wave)

It can be the similarities between two people that draw them together, but it’s the differences between them that create something special. Just like the functional dial that governs the left and right axis of the stereo field, it would be nothing if those two polar opposites failed to meet in the middle. Such is the story of PAN-POT. In the last decade, Pan-Pot – comprised of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix—have developed a dominate presence in the upper escilion of electronic dance music, with an ascension paralleling very few who have come before or since.

There is a maximum amount of 2300 tickets available. Tickets available from Thursday 11.04 at 18:30 CET on